Ameerah Tonia Minton is the founder of I Adore Her Palace a place where a women can fall in love with high quality garments to not only look good, but to feel good in them! She started the store with her daughter's to focus on helping other women with the love for beauty & fashion. Even today her brands are I Adore Her Body Spa x I Adore Her Beauty. Yes her goal is help motivate woman on every level including their life success. Because she love to help boost women confidence and open avenues for them to become their best! Her best yet idea was to incorporate her dreams with it! Customers has given prove results that they love the items in her store. There will be more amazing things included to go along with both of her brands! Did you know she is also looking to work with other driven you individuals with her brand ambassadors program as well. Ameerah wants you all to enjoy every garment or product purchased with knowing its creating more brilliance and longevity inside the hearts of those with hidden talent, magnificent style, and finer expression.